Here at Long Lake we encourage discovery for every age, audience and learner. To continually connect our local community with the natural world, we offer Community Workshops. These nature centered classes focus on new nature knowledge,  nature based skills, or art in nature. 

Each Community Workshop is facilitated by a local community member sharing their passion and expertise. Workshops are typically once a month, on the weekend, and have a fee for materials. 

Registration is required to attend workshops. Find our upcoming 2019 workshops below and keep scrolling to register!

Lifelong learning happens here!

What are community workshops at Long Lake?

Community workshops are opportunities for all and any interested learner to explore and discover at Long Lake!  We call them community workshops because Long Lake is a place where the Aitkin County community can come together, and a place where community is built beyond the county borders. Whether you drive over from Duluth or down the road from Palisade, you are part of a community that learns at Long Lake!

Where do the workshops take place?

All workshops take place at Long Lake, most start in our Schoolhouse (the bright red building with the bell on the roof). Almost every workshop has an outdoor component, so dress according to the weather and be prepared to venture outdoors. 

When do these workshops occur?


Most workshops are scheduled for a few hours on the weekend. We tried to schedule at least one workshop per month, so there is always something going on at Long Lake. The next few pages of this catalog outline the workshops, when they take place, and what they are all about. 

Who can attend and who teaches the workshops?


Well, pretty much anyone can attend our workshops. Community Workshops are designed for individuals and families to explore and discover at Long Lake. Some workshops may not be the most interesting for younger learners and we write that right in the description. If families and youth want to attend any workshop, all we ask is that youth under 18 are accompanied by an adult!

The really cool thing about our community workshops, is that they are taught by community members. We bring in enthusiastic instructors from the Aitkin County area to share their passion and knowledge!

How do I sign up?

Registration is easy! Below, you will see the workshops laid out like you are online shopping and that is essentially what you do! Select the workshop, fill out the options, and DO NOT FORGET to checkout using the bag icon! The workshops are laid out chronologically. But you can FILTER by workshop type or SORT alphabetically. 

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