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We hear it all the time! "I had no idea this was a job I could have!" For some reason, awareness about and interest in nature based careers is down. We aim to provide awareness and a realistic view of what pursuing a career in nature will look like. From academic advice to assistance with resumes, we guide the discovery!

The Careers in Nature Field Study is modeled after Long Lake’s original program; Conservation Leadership School (started in 1963). Learners attend an overnight (2-5 days) trip with nature based, goal oriented programs. The focus of this field study is to invite learners to explore career opportunities in nature and discover what skills are used outdoors to achieve nature based job functions. Throughout the Field Study, professionals present opportunities in their field and lead hands exploration in nature. For example, in one career exploration, Aitkin County foresters teach about habitat management and bring students to a managed, silviculture plot. After a student centered inventory activity and habitat analysis, learners are charged with creating a habitat conservation plan.  Each career exploration is 2.5 hours with both indoor and outdoor components. Learners explore careers in forestry, biology, limnology, geology, wildlife/resource management, environmental engineering, and nature interpretation.

Careers in Nature Field Study can be customized to fit learner goals. Trip coordinators choose the careers they would like to explore. Additionally, there is opportunity for students to participate in the selection process and investigate careers that interest them!

What is the Careers in Nature Field Study?

We think this Field Study is well suited for 9th graders to freshman/sophomores in college.

Who can participate in the Careers in Nature Field Study?

When can we embark on an Careers in Nature Field Study?

Long Lake Conservation Center is open all year-round. Each season offers different opportunities for learning and discovery, as well as, different adventure/programming offerings. To place a date inquiry, visit our Request a Quote page and fill out the form. Our Long Lake coordinators will get right back to you with dates, approximate costs, and even more info!

Where will we stay during our Field Study?

Long Lake sits on 760 acres in Aitkin County. Our almost one square mile includes a variety of ecosystems, including; a private lake, acres of bog, large hardwood forest, mature pine stands, natural lakeshore, ephemeral ponds, kettle holes, and wetlands.


We have 220 beds in large, modern, dormitory lodges; full-service dining where we serve family style and focus on food conservation; multiple meeting spaces, and we focus on renewable energy sources for our campus.

How much does the Careers in Nature Field Study cost?

Cost depends on the number of participants, number of days, etc. Most commonly we offer 3-day trips or 5-day trips. Here are price sheets for each trip duration!

3-day Long Lake Field Study Prices

5-day Long Lake Field Study Prices

Why should we choose the Careers in Nature Field Study?

Keep swiping, we have lots of reasons!

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