Day Youth Camps

Day Camps at Long Lake =


Pre-K - 3rd grade

(4-10 years old)

Adventures starting at 8:00am-


Bag lunch required for each explorer. 

A new theme each camp; a new adventure every day! Choose 1 camp, or all!


$30/day/camper OR  $75/3-day session/ camper ($15 discount)


June 11-13, 2019

Session 1:

Jr. Geologists


Let's dig in and explore; dig into the dirt that is. With a new adventure each day, this day camp is focused on our earth, what is under us and all around us. Campers will adventure to Long Lake's bogs to discover the ancient lake that once existed there. We will dig into some archeology explorations; discovering our MN history. We will search for agates, sort rocks, and create tools for our geology explorations. Each day camp has an adventure, story time, journaling, and creating something to take home. 


July 16-18, 2019

Session 2:

Jr. Voyageurs


Pierre and Pascal are Voyageurs with the Northwest Company looking for new crew  members to build their brigade and join them on their fur trade route. Embarking on new adventures each day, Pierre and Pascal invite the junior voyageurs to participate in a series of challenges to see if they have what it take be a voyageur. Students explore the life of the fur traders, canoeing, and Pierre and Pascal’s challenge course.  Campers discover that collaboration, problem solving, and idea sharing are the key characteristics needed to join Pierre and Pascal’s brigade. As a team, campers apply their knowledge and sometimes strength to achieve the challenges at hand. When the junior voyageurs demonstrate their adeptness for problem solving, cooperation, and  voyageur life; they build their brigade, and are welcomed to the Northwest Company. 

Session 3:

Jr. Ecologists

For this session we are exploring wildlife! Each day we will discover new connections between the living things around us. We will meet live animals, explore habitats, and conduct ecosystem investigations. We hike and canoe through many ecosystems and make connections between us and nature. 


August 6-8, 2019

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