Spring 2019

Explore Long Lake Conservation Center

Looking for a fun and educational place to send the kids once school is out? Check out some of our summer camps that are a great way to get your kids outside but also to have them learn new skills and make new friends! 

Firearms Safety- (Forkhorn Level I) Overnight Camp! June 16th - June 21st

This camp is our beginning program for youth interested in getting their MN DNR firearms safety certificate. During the week youth will participate in hands on activities to explore hunting, conservation, and firearms safety. Each day campers will discover new skills like tracking, climbing a tree stand, wilderness survival, shooting positions, and more! Learning all of these new skills is exciting and exhausting, so we always end each day of camp with fun summer activities including swimming, canoeing, campfires, and games! At the end of the week campers will put their knew knowledge to the test and travel to the shooting range to complete both a written and hands on field test to officially become firearm safety certified!

Bow Hunter Safety- (Forkhorn Level II)  Overnight Camp!  June 23rd - June 28th

This intermediate camp is for youth who already have their firearms safety certificates (required). The focus of this camp is on bow hunting skills and safety. Each day campers work on proper shooting techniques, shoot from elevated stands, explore different types equipment, and complete archery challenges. Beyond shooting a bow they will also gain advanced knowledge in wildlife ecology, conservation, and hunting ethics through hands on activities! This camp also includes plenty of time for fun summer activities like swimming, canoeing, campfires, and games! Like all of our Forkhorn hunting camps, we end the week with a written test for campers to become officially MN DNR Bowhunter certified.

Long Lake Conservation Center also has Day Camps! This is a great way to keep the kids busy busy even if they are not ready to stay away from home overnight! 

Jr. Geologists Day Camp! June 11th - June 13th


Let's dig in and explore; dig into the dirt that is. With a new adventure each day, this day camp is focused on our earth, what is under us and all around us. Campers will adventure to Long Lake's bogs to discover the ancient lake that once existed there. We will dig into some archeology explorations; discovering our MN history. We will search for agates, sort rocks, and create tools for our geology explorations. Each day camp has an adventure, story time, journaling, and creating something to take home. 

Winter 2019

Explore Long Lake Conservation Center

Long Lake Conservation Center has now opened their South Loop Ski Trail. This trail is 5K/3.1 miles in distance and is open for public use. This trail is a great way to get outside this winter and a good way to get to know a little bit more about Long Lake Conservation Center. The trail is maintained by the Aitkin County Land Department, you can check on the condition of the trail by visiting the Aitkin County Website or by contacting Long Lake Conservation Center by phone or email. This ski trail would be a great family activity for people of all ages and skill levels.

            Another site to see is ‘Sally’s Magical Bog’ during these winter months. This bog is only accessible during the winter months and best accessed by snowshoes, during other times of the year it is surrounded by waist deep swamp. Don’t let the hike deter you, this would be the perfect time to try out some snowshoes and check it out. On the way out be sure to keep your eyes open for signs of porcupines and all sorts of birds. This trail is a favorite spot for porcupines to spend their time; if you are really lucky you will maybe even spot one. Once you make it to the bog you will notice that ‘Sally’s Magical Bog’ is a little different than the other bog at Long Lake that is because ‘Sally’s Magical Bog’ is a Cathedral Black Spruc Bog. When you enter this bog you will be able to look up and see that the trees are growing in a formation that creates a Cathedral like ceiling over the bog. Not only is this a site to see but if you are looking for a place to do some bird or owl watching this is the place for that. So Birdwatchers its time to grab some snowshoes and your binoculars and head out to ‘Sally’s Magical Bog’!


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