Due to COVID-19

We are in TORPOR

Torpor is a survival strategy used by animals in the winter. Unlike true hibernation, torpor allows animals, like bears, to conserve energy yet stay alert enough to access resources when needed, evade danger, and make quick decisions.

As always, we at Long Lake CC are learning from the best teacher; nature. This next school year, Long Lake Conservation Center will be in torpor.

All programs and trips have been postponed from September 2020-June 2021.


We will practice conservation, work to acquire resources and knowledge, as well as, stay alert, and able to make decisions. Please communicate any needs or questions with us. We will be sure to contact all of our trip/program coordinators when we are ready and able to awake into a new, healthy season.

In the meantime:

  • Our nonprofit partner is active in acquiring and allocating resources to continue our mission.

  • Our trails and grounds remain open for exploration as part of the Aitkin County Parks System.

  • The distance learning platform, Long Lake View, remains available to teachers, learners, and families. 


Long Lake CC

Your support is more important than ever. We must raise and conserve resources in order to stay operable. Donate to the Long Lake Conservation Foundation, our nonprofit partner. 

Explore & Recreate at Long Lake CC

Our hiking and ski trails remain open and accessible as part of the Aitkin County Parks System. 

NEW AUDIO TOURS are now available for guided hikes at Long Lake Conservation Center!

Continue Learning

with Long Lake CC

Our Distance Learning platform, Long Lake View, is available for teachers and families to use. Long Lake view incorporates virtual video adventures, hands-on activities, and worksheets. 

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