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Welcome to Long Lake View!


A virtual, nature-based, distance learning experience brought to you by Long Lake Conservation Center!

Here learners can partake in Virtual Video Adventures led by Long Lake Naturalists, participate using their Field Journals, and explore hands-on, screen-free activities that related to each adventure!

Virtual Adventures =

Nature-based lessons for the distance learner

Lessons can be used at home by parents/providers or assigned by teachers for their distance learning classroom!

Long Lake recommends following this guide to lessons:

1. Prepare to go on an adventure (watch) for 15-30 minutes!
2. Have your Field Journal (worksheet) ready to complete. Print and digital (google doc for easy sharing) copies available.
3. Enjoy the adventure. Look for the journal cues indicating content and answers for your Field Journal.
4. Partake in assignments, especially if assigned by a teacher!
5. Try hands-on, screen-free activities!

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The Adventures 

Click the picture to find the video, journal, & activities!


More short, hands-on activities posted on Long Lake's Facebook page and

YouTube Channel!