It's been a spectacular week in nature - but then again, when isn't it? Bitter cold turned to pleasant temperatures allowing our students and Naturalists to venture deep into the woods following assorted tracks. One such track led to a porcupine hiding in a hollow of a tree. What a treat to get an up close look at this beautiful animal. We took some photos and Jake Panozzo and Katie Murphy actually touched it. The poor little guy looked scared, so we left him alone. We’ve spotted a total of four porcupines, including one sleeping in the top branches of a white pine. We came upon a thunder of Ruffed Grouse buried in the snow in the middle of a stand of trees. They were there eating the Aspen seeds, no doubt. We flushed up eight in a matter of minutes. That will get your heart beating in a hurry. The otters were spotted poking their heads through the ice again this week and the feeders were a popular destination for Chickadees, Nuthatches, squirrels, deer and woodpeckers. One morning this week, we observed a larger than usual number of Pileated Woodpeckers. We’re not sure why there were so many, but speculate it has something to do with ample food nearby (insects in dead and dying trees). What are you seeing in your world? Let us know and send photos to Keep exploring and always live connected!