Thisreport of the week is brought to you by Eli and the students from St. Michael-Albertville West, group B. 

During our trip to Long Lake Conservation Center this week, we saw trumpeter swans on Long Lake along with a pair of Canada Geese. The geese were honking loudly as they landed on the lake, then they swam around a bit still honking very loudly and then they took off into the sky honking the whole time. In the bog one class found a lost mitten and when they looked inside of it they found 3 large spiders. The mitten was left in the bog since it was being put to good use. Also in the bog, we saw a gray tree frog, little moths, a giant leopard moth caterpillar and the tamarack trees have lost 99.6% of their needles. Other sightings included chipmunks, squirrels, blue jays, juncos, nuthatches and a red-bellied snake. The garter snakes we saw were all near their hibernaculum. We enjoyed helping the aster, goldenrod and milkweed with seed dispersal by giving them little shakes as we walked through the forest.  It was a great week in nature and we want to remind everyone to…Unplug, Get outside,


Keep exploring!