Days are slowly lengthening and snow is covering everything, outlining the leaf-free branches of the trees. Oh, and it's really, really cold. It may appear as though not much is going on, but the tracks in the snow tell a different story. We can see the routes deer take around campus and through the woods and the squirrel trips from tree to under the bird feeder and then back to their favorite tree spots. Also at the feeder are nuthatches taking one seed, flying it up to a branch, jamming it into the tree bark and "hatching" out the seed. Woodpeckers enjoying the suet and Chickadees feeding and occasionally calling their "fee-bee" call. Deer have been spotted traveling back and forth across Long Lake and the turkeys, bald eagles and crows are active. Naturalist Katie Murphy followed some unusual tracks and found a porcupine in the top of a tree. Pretty cool. Happy New Year! We hope the tracks you follow in 2022 lead you to many wonderful adventures. Send us your photos and natures notes at, and always LIVE CONNECTED!