NATURE report

PHENOLOGY FRIDAY - Brought to you by Maddy and the students from Madison Elementary School in Blaine

During our trip to Long Lake we saw a lot of absolutely amazing things. Some of the highlights were the season’s first hummingbird and fawn. We also saw a hummingbird moth. In the bog, there are Poofs on the Cottongrass, the Labrador Leaf Plants are blooming, and there are new Pitcher Plants budding. The buds look like cute little purplish-red mushrooms. We even saw a handful of Pink Lady Slippers. Our group encountered a variety of spiders, including a big skinny one, and another with a sack of eggs on her back. We also saw lots of Army Worms in the woods, Toads, Garter Snakes, and Dragonflies. It was cool to see the Dragonfly Chrysalis on the water. We noticed a few Monarch butterflies, but not many bees. Our teachers said there are normally more bees here this time of year. A giant immature bald eagle flew overhead,, and the Loons were active on the lake, but still no babies yet. It’s a great time to be alive, and we want to remind everyone to…UNPLUG, GET OUTSIDE and LIVE CONNECTED                 

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