NATURE report


This week's phenology report is brought to you by Sara and Tika from Forkhorn I Camp. It was baby week at Long Lake with sightings of lots of newborn critters. So fun. Enjoy...

We had some warm daytime weather that made swimming feel great, and cool nights that made sleeping pleasant. Near and in the lake we saw painted turtles sunning on a log, snapping turtles, leeches and frogs. Flying in the sky we found mosquitos, dragonflies, deer flies, horse flies, bluebirds, red-winged blackbirds and robins. On our night hike there was a shooting star over Long Lake and some glowing eyeballs looking at us from the forest. Many deer are out and about in the mornings and the evenings; we saw Does and a spotted fawn, and a couple of fawns that looked young but did not have spots anymore. We noticed a place on the sidewalk that had a lot of bird poop and when we looked up there was a tree swallow nest with 3 or 4 baby birds that looked like they were just barely fitting in the nest. A baby chipmunk about the size of a red pine pinecone with a tail, was also seen running back and forth across the trail. We spotted the loons, but still no babies, humming birds, garter snakes, a Yellow Warbler and a weird wasp nest with a tube hanging down that we think is the entrance. It’s a great time to go for an explore and we want to remind everyone to unplug, get outside and to…LIVE CONNECTED.

Great job! Keep exploring!