NATURE report


This week's phenology report is brought to you by Lucy, Jalynne and Bubbles the baby Painted Turtle from the Big Sandy Water Institute through McGregor Community Education. The big news from the week is that Long Lake’s resident Loons finally had a chick. It’s the first successful nesting in a number of years. We hope the Eagles leave it alone and it reaches maturity. During our hikes through the woods, one of our group almost stepped on a fawn. It was nestled down, hiding and didn’t move until we were right on top of it. It was pretty big and ran fast. We also got very close to a hen turkey and five or six poults. Our group found the season’s first ripe blueberries and raspberries. We spotted Self-heal flowers, Milkweed, and Pointed Leaved Tick-Trefoil flowering. Acorns are growing and look like large green bananas or jalapenos. Lastly, the slugs are out and about and Wood Frogs were found in the trail side pond.  It’s a great time to explore the world and we want to remind everyone to unplug, get outside and to…LIVE CONNECTED.

Nice Job! Keep exploring!