NATURE report


This week's phenology report is brought to you buy Lauryn and the explorers from Forkhorn I Firearm Safety Camp. First, what we did not see; the naturalists asked us to keep an eye out for the Loon chick but we did not see the chick. We didn’t see or hear any loons this week. 


We did see three otters rolling onto their backs in the lilypads, chowing down frogs and maybe some tadpoles.

Either a bohemian or a cedar waxwing, we are not sure. We also saw Garter Snakes, Frogs, Leeches, Painted Turtles, Horseflies, Dragonflies, Slugs, Monarch Butterflies and Deer. We caught small bluegills, yellow perch and a bullhead from the swimming raft, and heard lots of Barred owl hooting. One of the highlightswas earing nice ripe Raspberries and smelling Pineappleweed. It was a great week in nature. Don’t forget to unplug, get outside and LIVE CONNECTED!!

Nice Job! Keep exploring!