This week's phenology report is brought to you by Kathy, Connor and the incoming class of future teachers at Minnesota North College - Itasca Branch. 

During our visit to Long Lake Conservation Center, we saw lots of signs of summer, but plenty of hints that autumn is fast approaching. Our group spotted a Doe with 3 fawns. We thought it was a bit unusual to see a Doe with triplets. Watching the otters frolic in the shallows, munching of frogs was fun. We got a good look at the adult Loons and their chick who is now nearly as big as they are. It was a good trip for birding. We saw a Roughed Grouse, two large families of turkeys with lots of poults, Tennessee Warblers, Kingbirds, and Solitary Sandpipers. A Long Lake naturalist said he saw a large flock of Tree Swallows riding the north wind on their migration south. In general, many insect-eating birds have already left. One really fun sighting was an army of Wood Frogs. There were hundreds of them. In the flora and fauna world, the pitcher plants in the bog are STILL in bloom, as well as cotton grass. Jewelweed and Big-Leaf Aster are abundant. Blackberries are now ripe – and delicious, and we harvested some Chicken of the Woods and enjoyed it for lunch. It was a fun and delicious trip to Long Lake, and we want to remind everyone to unplug, get outside and live connected!


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