Fall is definitely in the air, but summer is not giving up quite yet. The big news of the week is that our Loon chick is nowhere to be found. It was last spotted on Saturday. Our Loon expert friends say there are two options. The first is that our little friend became strong enough to fly, and joined a raft of Loons on a bigger lake. The other option is that it ventured too close to shore and became a meal for a predator. We may never know, but we’re clinging to the idea that it’s chilling with some friends on another lake. Either way, goodbye little dude. We enjoyed watching you grow up. Some of the highlights this week include a flock of migrating Blue Jays, mixed with a handful of Grey Jays. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay long enough to pose for a picture, but they sure were fun to look at. There was a hatching of Snapping Turtles. We saw four who made it to Long Lake. Winter Berry Shrub has its berries. These beautiful red berries remain on the shrub all winter long, even after its lost all its leaves. Many animals eat the berries, but however tasty they might look, you should NOT EAT THEM. They are toxic. Some leaves are beginning to turn, especially Red Maples, Birch and Aspen. With warm days and cool nights, it’s a great time to explore the world and we want to remind everyone to unplug, get outside and to LIVE CONNECTED.