This week's report is brought to you by Will and students from DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science in Ham Lake. 

During our visit to Long Lake Conservation Center this week we saw a few dragonflies, including a big blue one, and a pair of small red damselflies. Bumble Bees and Soldier Beetles were feeding on the remaining Golden Rod flowers. Our group saw LOTS of Garter Snakes in the woods. I think almost everyone in our group saw one. Our teachers think that they are out and feeding in preparation for winter. Olivia got bitten by a Garter Snake when she tried to pick it up, but she said it didn’t hurt. Our group also saw a lot of Leopard Frogs and toads. Imani saw lots of Carolina Grasshoppers and a few crickets. EJ identified the Purple Asters, and Lilith found a Puffball mushroom. Flocks of Canada Geese were spotted flying south over Long Lake, and a Solitary Sandpiper joined us on the beach. Leaves are starting to turn colors, especially the red maples, birch and aspens. Our group saw lots of spiders, and Aubri even found and held a small slug in her hand. Aashi said she thinks it’s cool that there is FREE drinking water in the bog, and everyone ate leaves from Labrador Tea Plant. We also found bog cranberries and ate them. It’s a great time to explore the world and we want to remind everyone to unplug, get outside and to LIVE CONNECTED.

Great job! Keep Exploring!