To get to this trail you will need to drive past the parking lots on campus and follow the road until you see an archery field on the right. You can park your car on the edge of the clearing and cross the road to the sign that says Bog Trek Trail. Follow this path until you reach a stand of red pines. The audio tour begins in the red pine stand and has 13 stops.

This trail is roughly 0.4 miles and is fairly easy. It starts at the top of a glacial moraine and slopes down to a raised peat bog left behind by Glacial Lake Aitkin. We ask that visitors stay on the boardwalk and respect the rare and unique plants growing there by not picking any plants. Special plants of interest on the boardwalk are the pitcher plants, labrador tea, sundew, leatherleaf, sphagnum moss, and others not listed here. In late May and June pink stemless lady slippers and other orchids can be found.

Bog Trek Trail, Audio Tour