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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regretfully must cancel this event. WE are currently planning an alternative ojibwe cultural event for later in the winter! stay tuned for details.

wigwam building

Learn the traditional ways that the Ojibwe built Wigwams, then head into the woods, collect the materials and actually build one.  Stay for a traditional Ojibwe meal and an evening of stargazing learn Ojibwe constellations. Lodging available.

Terry Kemper and Roland Hill from Migiziwaadiswan Ojibwe Cultural Learning Center will share their knowledge and wisdom of Ojibwe culture, and guide the Wigwam building from beginning to end. This will include stories, ceremonial blessings, and a history of pre-colonial Ojibwe life in the area.


Kemper is a Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Tribal Elder and founder of Migiziwaadiswan.

Hill is an elder and enrolled member of Red Lake Nation.

Meals, Wigwam class and lodging:
$75 adults; $50 children 6 and up

(5 and under are FREE)

Meal and Wigwam class only: 
$50 adults; $25 children 6 and up

(5 and under are FREE)


Saturday, December 3, 2022 

About Migiziwaadiswan

Ojibwe Cultural Learning Center

Nimaamaa-aki, Ojibwe for Mother Earth is what Migiziwaadiswan, (Eagles nest) teachings and healing principles are guided by. Humans’ earthly form mirror Mother Earth, the blood is the water, veins are the rivers and flesh are the woods and plants. Ancestors’ stories tell the history, their teachings guide us through the world, and we look forward to the spiritual journey where we unite with the ancestors. At Migiziwaadiswan, you can learn about Ainshinabe history, learn about the journey, experience Ojibwe ceremony, sing songs together, and gather with us to heal and learn, the Anishinabe Way.

Migiziwaadiswan's grand opening celebration was on August 14, 2022. The Ojibwe Cultural Learning Center is located off of Highway 73, north of Cromwell. 

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