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Astronomy camp

August 6-11, 2023
$400 per camper  |  Ages 10-15

The great outdoors meets outer space! A match made in the heavens. 


Explore the terrestrial world by day, and stars at night. Are you interested in the Earth and the universe we live in? During Astronomy camp, you will study how the Earth is influenced by different objects in our solar system and the universe. Learn how telescopes work and set one up to observe objects in one of the darkest skies in Minnesota. Use our 12" and 10" Dobsonian telescopes to view the moon, planets, and distant objects in space! Learn how to recognize individual stars and the constellations they are a part of and how early navigators used them to find their way. Join us for a night focused camp this summer and explore outside this world! This camp is instructed by Long Lake staff as well as members of the Minnesota Astronomical Society. 

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