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Long Lake has been teaching people - especially children -  about nature and the principles of wise use of natural resources for 60 years! During those six decades, generations of people like you have explored the wonders of nature here on the shores of Long Lake. More than a quarter of a million young people who have trekked through the bog (and drank the bog water), canoed, snowshoed, went cross country skiing, learned firearms safety, how to use a compass, build a fire and a survival shelter, howled like a wolf, gazed into the starry skies, learned about wise use of resources, and hopefully built a connection with and respect for nature and our role within it.


If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who has been impacted by Long Lake, we hope that you will pay it forward so that another generation of young people can learn to love and respect nature. Please consider donating to support Long Lake's mission of inspiring an appreciation of nature, promoting wise use of natural resources and fostering a lifelong stewardship of the environment. Environmental Education is more important than ever. 

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