Take a minute now to get your ducks in a row, so that when you get to Long Lake all you'll have to do is enjoy watching all the ducks in a row (and deer, eagles, loons, otters...)

❏ Use the Planning Checklist as your guide for trip coordinating

❏ Complete the Registration Form and send it to

❏ Choose your classes, and send it to

❏ Send liability and health waiver forms to students, teachers and chaperons.

❏ Collect the liability and health waiver forms, then complete the Dietary and            Health Summary and send it to

❏ Complete the Room Registration and assign color groups.

❏ Review the Student & Chaperone Expectations and COVID-19 Policies to be

     informed on Long Lake’s guidelines for participants

❏ Review the FAQs 

❏ Prepare your gear to bring on trip (see both adult & student packing lists)

❏ Communicate with Long Lake coordinators throughout your planning

Naturalist leading a Bog Hike.

When in doubt, give us a call at 218-768-4653.