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Nature 4 kids

 scholarship fundraiser

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give a child the gift of nature


If you have been one of the hundreds of thousands of people that has been impacted by Long Lake,  we hope that you will pay it forward so that another generation of young people can learn to love and respect nature. Long Lake's mission of teaching wise-use conservation, and fostering a lifelong connection with the natural world is now more important than ever. Long Lake is an enterprise of Aitkin County, but does not receive taxpayer funding. That's why your donations are so important!

All gifts are tax deductible, and processed through the Long Lake Conservation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that exists to support Long Lake in its Environmental Education Mission. Scholarships will be awarded on an individual basis, based on need. Additional, scholarships will be awarded to schools so that they may offset the overall cost for each student to attend. 

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